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  with the development of new techonology and science,computer are widely
used in education.therefore,some people think we dont need teachers anymore.i totally disagree with the above point.

  there is no denying that the computer bring great benefit to people and are of great help to students.computer can be programmed to simple digits of question,as the students answer these digits,their theoritical knowledge can be reinforced.

  however,in practice and learning of complex questions,computer can never
replace the humain brain or surpass the human intelligence.computer only can tell your the final correct answer.but it cant provide students opportunity to think over it,which limited their creativity.teaching itself is an art rather than a machnican activity.therefore,teachers function can not be neglected.

  firstlly.computer only can do work according to the procedure fomulated previously.they can not answer all question in defferent way.teachers,however,can teach students according their attitute.some students who have better ability to accept knowledge,under teachers'guidance,can be save
time to gain other knowledge.

  secondly,facing the vivid dilivery from teachers,students can be improved their motivation and concentration.the effective communication operated by teachers not only can help students understand the knowledge,teachers also can teach students how to be a valuable people,which cant be done by computer.

  in addition,various teaching methods can help student absorb the knowledge rapidly.when students meet with the thorny question,teachers not only can explain it in different way,they also can show them the important deductive process.

  therefore,i would say teacher is the good compesation for flexiabilly
lacting in the computer.i totally disagree with view that we dont need teachers anymore!