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  In this IT age, computers are widely used in the classroom in order to enrich the methods of teaching. This phenomenon gives some the illusion that the thing teaching students is no longer the teacher but a computer. Personally, I disagree with this opinion.

  As another machines, computer doesn’t enable to control itself. Though computers are capable of learning from their mistakes and improving on their performance, they need details instructions from human being in order to be able to operate. They can never, as it were lead independent lives, no mention teaching students. In case a computer lacks the control of a teacher, there is no difference between a computer and waste.

  Not only this, but computers, unlike a teacher, can’t solve a variety of new problems. Everything is developing in today’s society, including education. For example, a student suddenly asks a creative question that the computer isn’t programmed for, it can do nothing, while teacher can explain clearly though abundant teaching experience.

  Last but not least, the computer can’t communicate with students from emotion. Such as an eyesight or gesture of teacher can transfer his or her idea and feeling to students. In this way, students can feel more human touch in the class. In comparison, the computer is too dry and dusty to understand.

  All in all, no matter how nice a computer is, it can’t take the place of teacher. Of course, I don’t mean that computer is useless. In contrary, I believe it will become the most powerful assistants to teacher in further.