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【导语】圣诞临近百花香,一香送你摇钱树,二香送你贵人扶,三香送你心情好,四香送你没烦恼。快三电子板走势图官方网址22270.COM五香送你钱满箱。六香送你永健康!以下是江西快三和值 首页-忧考网为大家精心整理的《快三电子板走势图官方网址22270.COM圣诞节英语日记带翻译5篇》,欢迎大家阅读。


  Christmas is very important for a foreigner, it is equally important for Chinese people, today is Christmas Eve, is the first day of Christmas.

  On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is ready to gift this year, in the day but to send oh! I was just about to send mom a big apple, after school, I quickly came to a store, "boss, have a Christmas fruit?" I loudly of say, the boss looked at me and shook his head, ah! Not so soon, alas! I had to go home crestfallen, mother see me frown, said: "what's wrong?" I like sewed the mouth not to tell the truth, I turned her eyes a brainwave, then find ways to make Christmas fruit, see I like listen to the who command to lay down their bags, hide in the room not to come out, first of all, I first took a red and big apple for the main body, with my favorite ribbons to decorate the tree, suddenly a princess appeared in front of me gorgeous dresses, translucent jade bracelet, blue glass slipper, ah! How beautiful, use my card made into the shape of a Christmas tree, the above also write a words: "mom, I love you, you are the most beautiful in the world of the mother, mother Christmas to you soon!" Succeeded, I quickly ran to mom, mom was shocked, she shed a drop of tears, the tears are sweet.

  The second day of Christmas morning, I received a gift, I know this is from the mother, but I still like a child, when I came to school, my drawer is filled with CARDS, mother and I am very touched, the card is the card are He Yu, only written on a card, I was very angry, because he and I played a joke on.

  Christmas, someone make fun of others makes me very moved, anyhow I wish you all a merry Christmas!


快三电子板走势图官方网址22270.COM  平安夜到来了,圣诞老人正在准备着今年的礼物,在这一天里可是要送苹果的哦!我正准备送妈妈一个大苹果,放学后我赶忙来到小卖部,“老板,有没有圣诞果?”我大声的说,老板看了看我,摇了摇头,啊!这么快就没有了,唉!我只好垂头丧气的回家了,妈妈见我皱起眉头,便说:“怎么了?”我像针缝了嘴似的没说出真相,我转了转眼睛灵机一动,便想出法子来做圣诞果,只见我像听了谁的命令似的放下书包,躲进屋子里不出来,首先,我先拿来一个又红又大的苹果来做主体,再用我那最喜欢的彩带来装饰它,顿时一位公主出现在我面前华丽的服装,透亮的玉镯、蓝色的水晶鞋,啊!多么漂亮,用我的卡纸做成了一个圣诞树的形状,上面还写上了一句话:“妈妈,我爱你,您是世界上最漂亮的妈妈,妈妈祝你圣诞快了!”成功了,我急忙跑去送给妈妈,妈妈惊呆了,她流下了一滴眼泪,这滴眼泪很甜。




  Christmas is amazing looking forward to day, especially kids. We held a Christmas party at school, many of my friends to come to the party. After we said "merry Christmas", we began to sing Christmas songs, such as "edelweiss". Then we speak Christmas stories, such as "Santa Claus", we all had a good time. When the party is coming to an end, we wish each other "happy New Year".



  Christmas as a grand festival of the west, in addition to the Christmas tree, also cannot little taste delicious food. Before Christmas Turkey dinner is a case card main course, people might do in a microwave oven, the holidays a lot of people now is in outside restaurant to have dinner, merchants can also use the opportunity to make money out of customers, of course, there are many Christmas food, ginger bread, candy, and so on.

  In addition, people also give gifts to each other, this is the children's favorite, often can get lots of presents.




  Christmas is also known as Christmas, translated as "Christ mass", western traditional festival, every year in December 25th. Mass is a kind of church service. Christmas is a religious festival, because regard it as to celebrate the birth of Jesus, named "christmas".

  Most of the Catholic Church will be first in the 24, Christmas Eve, i.e., the early morning of December 25 at midnight mass, and some Christian will be held caroling and on December 25 to celebrate Christmas; Christian another branch of Orthodox Christmas celebration in the annual January 7.

  Christmas is a public holiday in the western world and in many other regions, such as Hongkong, Macao, Malaysia, and Singapore in Asia. The Bible actually did not record the date of birth of Jesus, Christmas is a public.



快三电子板走势图官方网址22270.COM  圣诞节也是西方世界以及其他很多地区的公共假日,例如:在亚洲的香港、澳门、马来西亚和新加坡。圣经实际上并江西快三和值 首页-记载耶稣诞生日期,圣诞节是后人公定的。


  On Christmas day, the day very cold. But the cold weather also can not hold up against the footsteps of merry Christmas. The streets are placed in front of the shop in the beautiful Christmas tree, in the supermarket employees also have a lovely Christmas cap. Look at these, our these little heart. Therefore, the idea of a special Christmas party.

  Through planning, in the afternoon, we draw on the blackboard on the beard Santa Claus, spray on the Windows on the white snow, is still in the middle of the classroom on a tree with the stars of the Christmas tree. Students around the Christmas tree ah, jump ah, can be happy, the classroom immediately with a festival festival atmosphere.

  The arrival of the good is not easy to look forward to the party. The first show is the flute ensemble songs friendship. The flute melodious sound, so that we could not help singing gently on the audience. Unconsciously, the show at the end of the students in the thunderous applause. Then, we hurriedly out beautiful snowflake ribbons for the next program - a joke. The performer is tall zhang zhen yu gong guan and troublemakers. Their conversation humorous and funny action performances, provoked we all laughed.

  The party in a happy atmosphere, the actors use all ways, to make the audience laugh and applause. The audience all smiled blushing all, slap pain film. Close to the end of the party, we took out the last of the whole class's secret weapon - the colorful petals, thrown into the air and into the actors...

  Look at these beautiful petals, I thought: in this special day, Santa Claus has become our most lovely partner not only, and is a messenger of peace!